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Restoring Your Home In The Bronx With Residential Pest Control

Managing your home is busy enough without the added complication of pest activity. However, chaos may ensue when pests settle down around your home in the Bronx. Whether it's mice in the kitchen, roaches in the bedroom, or termites wreaking havoc on wood structures, pests can cause serious damages that only professionals can control.

DT Pest Control is no exception. With over 12 years of experience in the residential and commercial pest control space, our team is well-equipped to rid your home of creatures great and small. We can uniquely modify our home pest control program to meet your changing needs and custom-tailor it to meet your expectations and deliver the results you deserve.

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Our Home Pest Control Program

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Residential pest control from DT Pest Control always starts with a thorough inspection. Our team will check for any problem areas by walking around the house, looking for holes or droppings, surveying entry points, and hunting for conducive conditions. We will continue our investigation further if we notice a lack of sanitation around the house, lots of clutter that may attract pests, or strange activity near pipes, doors, and windows.

Next, it's time to provide treatments, products, and solutions that fit your needs best. We custom-build our programs to match your needs, offering certain services and follow-up visits depending on your needs. You can expect the following services corresponding to each pest:

  • Bed bugs: We ask that customers prepare their homes before our bed bug service. Please wash and bag all clothes in the home, then pick up litter and clutter around the house. We can service single rooms or the entire house and will spray mattresses, bed frames, baseboards, curtains, wiring, furniture, and even carpets. After two weeks, we will return to the home to apply an additional treatment.
  • Roaches: Once a preferred maintenance professional seals up your space, our experts will scatter gels, baits, and glue boards around the house to check the size of the population. If you are willing, we can even spray your home on the initial visit and treat baseboards, appliances, radiators, doorways, and trash areas. We will be back in about a week to inspect your house, reapply treatment, or even fog the area.
  • Rodents: Our professionals will perform some light exclusion work for small gaps around the home, then treat the holes with dust to ensure an airtight solution. We will apply traps and bait, clean up the droppings, and visit every week to remove rodent carrion. We will treat any new activity accordingly.

Need something less specific? DT Pest Control also offers general pest control services monthly. We also offer small exclusion work for patching up holes around the house.

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Our Integrated Pest Management Methodology

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Protecting your home against pests should be so much more than just 'spray and pray.' The professionals at DT Pest Control are fully committed to ridding your home of pests using an Integrated Pest Management approach, a set of guidelines that works hand-in-hand with nature and certain pest behaviors. We will carefully close all entry points, offer specific sanitation ideas, and use as few products as possible to keep your loved ones safe. Pest product applications are always our last resort!

What To Expect From Our Residential Pest Control Process

Fully Guaranteed!

Home pest management from DT Pest Control is anything but a guessing game. When you sign up to receive our services, you know you're getting the best of the best, guaranteed! We have warranties on our bed bug control services, rodent control, and fly management services, ensuring that we'll follow up for free if you're not 100% satisfied. From our first visit to our last application, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

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