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What You Need To Know About Pests In The Bronx, New York

Here at DT Pest Control, we want to educate you about the pests that call the Bronx home. Use our pest guide to learn about the insects and rodents we regularly find inside our structures. We want to help you understand what draws pests to our homes and how to keep them away! Keep reading to learn more about pests in the Bronx and surrounding areas.


cockroach image

Cockroaches are scavenging insects that thrive where people live, making dense urban areas like the Bronx a place where these pests live in large, difficult-to-control populations. When you spot even just one cockroach scurrying across a surface in your home, it warrants an immediate call to a professional for help. If there is one roach in your home, many more are hiding within its dark recess, waiting to emerge at night to forage for food and water. 

The small German cockroach is the most widespread type of cockroach to find in our homes. In the Bronx, large American cockroaches and moisture-loving oriental cockroaches also regularly infest our structures. Cockroaches are always searching for reliable sources of food, water, and shelter, something our homes provide, which makes keeping them away challenging. 

Implementing regular pest control services to keep these pests at bay is the best way to keep cockroaches from invading your home, contaminating your family's food, spreading diseases, and triggering allergy and asthma attacks. In addition, doing things like repairing defects in your home's exterior, inspecting anything you bring into your house for hitchhiking cockroaches, and doing your best to maintain a clean home free of food debris, helps keep cockroaches away.


rodent illustration

Mice and rats are types of rodents that thrive in the Bronx. They live in large populations outside our homes and businesses and, when necessary, will take advantage of the food, warmth, and shelter our structures provide. Both mice and rats are destructive, disease-ridden pests that you must proactively keep out of your house and away from your family.

Because rodents live in large populations in our region, keeping them out of our homes is tricky. These agile animals can enter indoors through any small opening they discover in your home's exterior. Once inside, rodents will quickly find a dark, quiet space to build a nest. Each evening they will emerge to forage for food, water, and nesting supplies. 

Rodents are nocturnal, shy creatures, and you'll often notice their signs before ever seeing one in your home. A common sign of a rodent infestation is finding their dark, rice-like dropping in drawers, along floors, and under furniture or the bottom of closets. Another sign of a rodent problem includes finding gnaw marks on cabinets, wood trim, food containers, or furniture. In addition, noticing a musty odor or hearing scratching sounds behind walls, or above ceilings can indicate a rodent problem. At any sign of rodent activity in your house, don't delay calling a professional for help.

Bed Bugs

bed bug image

Apple seed-shaped insects whose sole source of nutrition comes from the blood of warm-blooded animals, bed bugs have made their name as common household pests. The bed bug's preferred hosts are humans, which is why they regularly infest and take over our Bronx homes. Bed bugs are biting, blood-feeding pests that we should never share our spaces with, and while they don't spread diseases, they interrupt our sleep, develop large difficult-to-eliminate populations, and make us wary of being in our own homes. 

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. They move from place to place with the help of people. Public places like hotels, airports, laundry mats, movie theaters, libraries, and schools tend to be bed bug hot spots. Bed bugs will crawl onto our clothing or belongings (luggage, bags, purses) and move wherever we take them, including into our homes. Infestations also occur in multi-unit buildings after bed bugs crawl through walls, ceilings, and floors and infest new units.

Controlling bed bugs in the Bronx is difficult because they thrive in places with dense populations of people that offer them regular access to food. To prevent bed bugs, partner with a professional who will perform regular bed bug inspections. In conjunction, regularly vacuum and clean your house, protect your family's mattresses and box springs with bed bug-proof covers, and always inspect secondhand items for bed bugs before bringing them inside. For bed bug control in the Bronx, call DT Pest Control today. 


a fly image

Flies may be one of the quintessential household pests. Flies regularly find their way into or are accidentally introduced into our homes, where they quickly become a considerable nuisance. Our homes provide them with the warmth, food, and moisture that allow these pests to thrive. But flies are much more than an annoyance; they are dangerous. They spread diseases and parasites and contaminate food sources.

These flying insects are most problematic during the spring, summer, and early fall when temperatures are their warmest, and they breed at an alarming rate. They regularly wind up in our homes after swarming around trash cans, gardens, areas of standing water, and any decaying debris they come across. The most common flies to find inside our Bronx homes are cluster flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and house flies. 

The best way to identify the type of fly in your home, remove the infestation, and keep flies out of your house is to partner with a local professional. Regular pest control services performed by an experienced professional are the best way to keep your home free of flies and other pests. Keeping lids on trash cans, eliminating excess moisture and standing water, and repairing defects in your home's exterior also support maintaining a fly-free home.


mosquito image

Mosquitoes are well known for being annoying; they swarm around us and deliver itchy bites. But, these small flies are more than a nuisance; they pose a significant danger. Female mosquitoes consume blood meals in addition to their primary food source, plant nectar. Mosquitoes may have a short lifespan but feed on many hosts during their life. As female mosquitoes obtain blood meals to produce their eggs, they transmit diseases and parasites, wreaking havoc wherever they go. 

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on top of areas of standing water. Clogged gutters, storm drains, trash can covers, low-lying areas, yard debris, and any place else standing water collects supplies mosquitoes with breeding sites. The more standing water around your home, the more mosquitoes will buzz around and bite you and your family as you try to spend time outside. Mosquitoes may be small, but their impact on our lives is big; these pests regularly hamper our ability to enjoy our outdoor spaces. 

Controlling mosquito populations is best accomplished by removing areas of standing water from your property and partnering with an experienced pest professional. Regular, high-quality mosquito treatments performed when mosquitoes are most active are the most effective way to reduce the presence of these pests on your Bronx property. For mosquito control in the Bronx, reach out to DT Pest Control.

Fleas and Ticks

Illustration of a Tick

Fleas and ticks are wingless pests that invade our outdoor spaces in and around the Bronx. Ticks are arachnids with an oval shape; adults have eight legs. Fleas are insects the size of a speck of dirt, flattened from side to side, and have six legs. These pests are regularly introduced onto our properties by the wild animals whose blood they are currently using as a food source. Both fleas and ticks also feed on human blood and, in the process, can cause secondary infections and spread diseases and parasites that can make us ill. 

Our area is home to many species of ticks and dog and cat fleas. No matter the species, these pests don't belong where we live. When fleas and ticks call our yards home, it won't be long until you or a pet comes in contact with them, and they end up in your house. Though ticks don't usually establish large indoor populations, fleas do, and just a couple can lead to a large, frustrating infestation in just a few short weeks. 

Don't become stressed by fleas or ticks on your property. At the first notice of fleas or ticks, seek professional help. Professionals know how to identify these pests accurately, find where they're living on your property, and perform the necessary treatments to eliminate the infestation. The only good flea is a dead flea, and the same is true for ticks! Call DT Pest Control today for quality pest control for your Bronx property.

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