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Reliable Pest Control In Bridgeport, CT

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Bridgeport is a thriving city that’s well located and still manages to fly under the radar as a local gem. Many families and working professionals are attracted to this area for its unique blend of urban bustle and scenic natural areas. There are sandy beaches, the Connecticut Zoo, every type of cuisine imaginable, and superior access to both public transportation and every major highway.

Part of living in Bridgeport does, however, mean that pest problems can erupt at any time of the year. At DT Pest Control, we provide reliable pest control in Bridgeport for both homeowners and businesses. We are a locally owned company that is dedicated to finding safe and reliable solutions for our customers. Because we follow strict Integrated Pest Management methods, we’re able to focus on structural modifications and use treatments only where they’re necessary. When you partner with us, you will also benefit from our top-notch customer support which includes emergency services. To learn more about our services and schedule your free inspection, please call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Bridgeport

Encountering pests in your Bridgeport home can be frightening, but you don’t have to handle them alone. At DT Pest Control, we deliver pest control solutions that are designed to make your life easier. As a local family-owned business, we take pride in our work. We always do right by our customers by being problem solvers, ensuring your satisfaction, and building lasting relationships.

Whether we’re providing general pest control or targeted services for pests like rodents or bed bugs, we follow the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management. This means that we always start with a comprehensive property evaluation where we check for problem areas and conducive conditions. We then apply the necessary treatments and provide you with information on deterring future pests. In order to keep your home consistently pest-free, we typically recommend monthly visits. For more information on our residential pest control services in Bridgeport  and to schedule your no-cost inspection, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bridgeport

At DT Pest Control, we provide quality pest control services that can keep pests out of your Bridgeport business no matter the season. We are a local team of pest experts who will always put your satisfaction first. All of our services are informed by Integrated Pest Management methods so they are eco-conscious and will provide lasting results.

Our typical commercial process always starts with a total inspection of your business. One of our skilled technicians will look for pest activity, entry points, and any other conditions that could potentially lead to a pest outbreak. From there, we perform services such as placing bait stations, treating baseboards, and spraying foundations. To make sure that your property is always free from pests, we offer follow-ups anywhere from weekly to monthly. For more information on our Bridgeport commercial pest control services and their benefits, please call us today.

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Bridgeport Home?

Encountering bed bugs is a fairly common occurrence when you live in the Bridgeport area. But because these parasites are so small and stealthy, you might wonder how you even ended up with an infestation. Here are a few ways that you could have developed an outbreak in your home:

  • Someone at your place of work brought bed bugs in and they attached to your belongings. 
  • You directly encountered bed bugs at a restaurant, movie theater, store, school, medical facility, or even by taking a bus or staying in a hotel.
  • One of your neighbors has a bed bug infestation and it spread to your home.
  • You brought home an infested couch, mattress, or other furniture item.

No matter how bed bugs got into your home, the best way to eliminate them is with professional help from DT Pest Control. We perform complete home inspections to determine the extent of your bed bug infestation and then use the most effective treatments to completely eliminate them. For more information on bed bug control in Bridgeport, call us today.

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Bridgeport Homes

Rodents such as rats and mice sneak into Bridgeport homes so that they can get access to shelter and sustenance. This is usually very easy for them, which means that preventing and eliminating rodents is likely a challenge. That’s why the most effective form of rodent control is professional help from DT Pest Control.

We are a local team of pest professionals, and we work to solve problems and help our customers find total satisfaction. When we treat homes, we follow the Integrated Pest Management approach. This means that we are focused on safe, sustainable work in order to both seamlessly alleviate active rodents and keep rodents from returning. After we perform a detailed home inspection, we’ll set bait stations and traps, while also patching up entry points with light exclusion work. We follow up weekly in order to ensure complete elimination and make any amendments that are required. For more information on creating a rodent-free home, please call us today. 

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