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Pest Control In Hackensack, NJ

Home to Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack is the largest city in Bergen County. Two New Jersey Transit train stations provide access to other areas, including New York City. Downtown Hackensack has shops and restaurants to enjoy, ensuring residents have everything they need in this bustling community.

The area's pests lack natural habitats in this metropolis, so they search for food, water, and shelter on properties. If these necessities are in buildings, they squeeze through tiny entry points to reach them. They'll take up residence in attics, basements, or walls, making them difficult to find. Hackensack, NJ, pest control professionals are the people to remove these creatures.

When Bergen County residents have pest trouble, they call DT Pest Control for help. Our service professionals know the pests that invade Hackensack properties and use the best techniques to keep them away.

Residential Pest Control In Hackensack

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Hackensack is a great place to live, but local pests can make it a nightmare. Many species invade buildings for necessities, damaging your property and creating health concerns in your home. They're expert hiders and only appear when you're away or asleep, making it hard to recognize an infestation.

When you spot these pests on your property, you need professional help. Fortunately, DT Pest Control provides the best home pest control in Hackensack, NJ. Our services begin with a free inspection where we'll search your house for pests, entry points, and conducive conditions. We'll treat the inside and outside of your structure to remove the invasive creatures and keep others from invading your home.

Your house should provide relaxation, but local pests cause fear and anxiety. Call us to learn more about our residential services or to schedule a free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Hackensack

It's challenging for any business to be successful, but pests can make the task infinitely harder. They can damage equipment, contaminate products, and spread illnesses, threatening the health and safety of everyone in your facility. It's easier to prevent pests than remove them, and commercial pest control in Hackensack, NJ, has the tools to help.

Our commercial services at DT Pest Control begin with a free inspection. We'll place bait stations for rodents, spray baseboards and piping, and dust the drains around your establishment. We can spray up to four feet up and out from your facility to prevent pests from reaching your building and to reduce annoying mosquitoes.

After our initial visit, we offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly recurring services. We'll refill bait stations, remove rodents, and reapply products. Contact us to discover how we can make your business more successful.

How To Deter Flies From Your Hackensack Home

Flies are annoying and potentially dangerous pests to have around your Hackensack property. They force you to swat them away and leave their waste on food. The latter action contaminates food and can cause severe illnesses in people. Despite their tiny sizes, they can cause significant problems, so keeping them away is essential for your health.

It can be hard to eliminate the flies in your house, but deterring them from invading can keep many away. Some tips to keep flies from getting into your Hackensack home include:

  • Install screens on your windows and doors.

  • Clean up pet waste promptly.

  • Remove trash regularly.

  • Place tight-fitting lids on garbage receptacles.

When these actions fail to keep flies away, call the professionals at DT Pest Control for home fly control. Our service professionals know the best way to remove flies and prevent them from invading in the future. We provide monthly service plans to reinspect and treat your house when needed. Give us a call if flies are flying around your Hackensack home.

Five Warning Signs Your Hackensack Home Has A Rodent Problem

Rodents are frightening creatures to find in your home. They use spaces in your exterior to access your house and hide in walls, basements, and attics. Many species carry illnesses they pass to people through bites or contact with their waste. Approaching them can be dangerous, but they also cause problems by wandering around at night.

Mice and rats are the two main rodents in Hackensack that enter homes. In addition to spreading illnesses, they'll dig into your insulation and chew on wires, making your house uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. Recognizing an infestation will help you avoid these problems. Five signs of rodents in your Hackensack house include:

  • Tracks on your floor

  • Rub marks on your wall

  • Gnaw marks

  • Damaged food packages

  • Droppings around your house

When you call DT Pest Control for rodent control in Hackensack, we'll inspect it for entry points and signs of activity. We'll remove the pests, dust any holes we discover, and set bait and traps. We can also clean up any waste to reduce health risks. Our weekly recurring services enable us to check the traps, remove rodents, and search for new activity.

Rodents can cause significant problems when they invade your house, threatening your health and safety. Let us know when you see signs of rodents in your Hackensack home.

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