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Pest Control In New York City, NY

New York City is the largest metropolitan area in the United States. Since many pests live in heavily-wooded areas, you might think a big city like New York will avoid these problems. However, various pests can invade its residences and businesses.

New York City might not attract all the intruders of other areas, but the pests that get into buildings can be just as dangerous. Some of these pests can live in any environment and will cause damage or spread illnesses when they get into a building. The only way to protect your property is to call New York City pest control professionals.

Our service professionals at DT Pest Control know the creatures that commonly invade New York City properties. We have the tools to find and remove pests to protect your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In New York City

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Pests can be around your New York City home, even if you don't see them. Many can fit through tiny crevices in your exterior and hide in tight spaces. It usually takes a thorough inspection to find them.

When pests get into your home, you need residential pest control services in New York City to handle their removal. At DT Pest Control, our service begins with a free inspection and estimate. We’ll walk around your property to find any problems and discover what’s attracting the pests.

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies to provide the best service. In addition to solving your pest problem, we’ll prevent future infestations by closing potential entry points and removing common attractants.

We also offer monthly recurring services to protect your home from these potentially dangerous creatures. Call us today to experience the benefits of quality pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In New York City

While pests are a concern in any building, they’re an even bigger problem for businesses. Commercial facilities provide easy entry through open doors and various hiding spots. They can cause damage to your building and equipment, contaminate your inventory, and spread illnesses to anyone in your establishment.

Our team at DT Pest Control provides commercial pest control services in new York City for various businesses in New York City. We start with a free inspection of your building to find signs of pests and attractants. During our initial service, we’ll place bait stations, dust your drains, and spray the perimeter to prevent future problems.

In addition to one-time servicing, we provide weekly, biweekly, and monthly recurring services to keep your business free from these harmful pests. We’ll refill your bait stations, remove dead rodents, and provide the same protection as our initial service. Contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control plans.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Flies Into Your New York City Home

Flies are common pests anywhere you go. These tiny insects can sneak into your home, landing on your food, beverages, or other objects. Among the most annoying intruders you’ll encounter, they’ll fly into your line of vision and quickly leave before you can get rid of them.

Most flies are relatively harmless but can contaminate food and surfaces when they land. It’s hard to eliminate flies once they enter your home, so removing attractants is the best way to avoid these pests.

Some tips to keep flies out of your New York City home include:

  • Remove trash regularly.
  • Clean your drain pipes and traps.
  • Remove standing water.
  • Install screens on windows and doors.

If you can't get rid of flies in your home, call the professionals at DT Pest Control for help. Our service professionals will inspect your home to discover what’s attracting these New York City pests and help to deter them from invading your property.

Flies are among the most annoying pests that invade New York City homes. They might seem unavoidable, but our pest specialists can help. Call us if you need to get flies out of your home.

Eliminating Bed Bugs: Solutions For New York City Homeowners

Bed bugs are some of the most troublesome pests that can invade New York City homes. You can pick them up almost anywhere without realizing it, carrying them in luggage, purses, and bags. Once inside, they’ll spread to other rooms.

Since bed bugs don’t spread illnesses, they might seem harmless. However, their painless bites can cause sleeplessness and anxiety. As a result, they can negatively impact your mental health, making their removal essential.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate, but there are ways you can avoid them. Some tips to prevent bed bugs in your New York City home include:

  • Inspect your hotel room.
  • Don't put luggage on the ground in public.
  • Wash and dry your clothes on high heat after a trip.
  • Vacuum your suitcases.

When you call DT Pest Control to handle your bed bug removal, we’ll inspect cracks and every part of your bed frame, mattress, and box springs. We’ll look through your home to find these pests and use the best techniques to remove them. Call us today if bed bugs are causing problems in your New York City home.

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